We help organizations become compliant with new data/privacy/email laws in:

United States (Can-Spam),
Canada (CASL and PIPEDA) and
European Union (GDPR)

As the leaders in the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) compliance, we help identify and change your organization's practices and policies regarding electronic messaging . This law changes the way we use commercial email and SMS text messaging when targeting Canadians. Our way of operating must follow suit.

We also offer CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance for all companies who handle data, including email addresses. We work with organizations who conduct business globally and need to understand compliance for each country’s laws which are changing fast and becoming wide-sweeping. The penalties in Europe are 4% of revenue or up to 20 million Euro. The penalties in Canada are up to $10M per violation.

We offer products/ services in the following areas:

1. Reviews & Gap Reports - for those who wish to do the work themselves and simply have it checked by professionals who have a working undertsanding of the laws.

2. Full compliance Programs/ Staff Training - for those who simply want to contract the entire task to professionals who can bring them into compliance quickly and efficiently.

3. Certification Programs - approving other’s work with a full audit/certification.

4. Recommending Marketing Automation Technology solutions to track consent status in real time.

5. Email List building within each country - with new rules comes new practices in the are of list building strategies.

All services are available in USA, Canada, Europe