Personal data compliance simplified

Are you looking for an easy and compliant way to manage personal data and marketing preferences for your organisation? Want to reduce the cost of information requests and audits whilst increasing opt-in conversion rates for your marketing channels? Newport Thomson has partnered with Syrenis to offer you an affordable, effective solution.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada issued Guidelines for Obtaining Meaningful Consent. The new guidelines were issued in May 2018 and set out seven guiding principles for obtaining meaningful consent. These are:

        1. Emphasize key elements, namely;

                - What personal information is being collected,

                - With which parties personal information is being shared,

                - For what purposes personal information is collected, used or disclosed, and

                - Risk of harm and other consequences;

        2. Allow individuals to control the level of detail they get and when;

        3. Provide individuals with clear options to say 'yes' or 'no';

        4. Be innovative and creative;

        5. Consider the consumer's perspective;

        6. Make consent a dynamic and ongoing process; and

        7. Be accountable: Stand ready to demonstrate compliance.

Cassie allows you to do all 7!