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5 Stages of Compliance

CRTC has communicated what is required in order to claim a due diligence defence. A fully compliant program is detailed in Bulletin CRTC 2014-326. We have summarized all elements into these 5 stages:

The 5 Stages of CASL Compliance:

  1. Pre-Assessment what are your organization's current electronic messaging practices
  2. Design - we generate a gap report and design a program to close the gaps
  3. Document - write your Electronic Messaging Policies & Procedures manual
  4. Track - set up data tracking to track consent and suppression dates
  5. Train - create training materials and run staff training sessions





A comprehensive answer to  "what specific actions do I need to take to be compliant with my Canadian email marketing".

There is a new law in Canadian email-land. Like it or not, CASL is here to stay. 

Organizations will comply, or they won’t. The consequences of non-compliance start with fines. Up to $10,000,000 - to be determined by the CRTC. On July 1, 2017 the private right to action comes into affect, which opens the organization to class action lawsuits by everyone they send an “illegal” message to.

This comprehensive guide for marketers looking to email Canadians clearly states what  the list owner and emailer must do to comply with this new law. While not complex, it is clearly designed to return ownership of the individual's email inbox to that individual.

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